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Lab | Log Launches Comfort Crash Course: 4,000 Miles of Confronting Comfort, a Series of Dispatches from a Container Ship Crossing the Atlantic



March 2012


Today Lab | Log, the blog and travel diary of the BMW Guggenheim Lab, launches a new series, Comfort Crash Course: 4,000 Miles of Confronting Comfort, documenting journalist Christine McLaren’s passage from New York to Berlin on a container ship. Following the 15-day transatlantic route traveled earlier this winter by the Lab’s temporary, carbon-fiber structure, Christine will offer a unique perspective on the Lab’s Cycle 1 theme: Confronting Comfort.

Drawing from a selection of written works that helped inspire this theme—from ancient philosophy to modern academic research—the ten-part Comfort Crash Course series will reflect on what comfort is, when and why we began to seek it, how that desire has shaped our modern cities, and ultimately, why we continue to question the nature of comfort. Investigating everything from the human ability to adjust to a variety of environments in the search for comfort, to what has driven us to become endless consumers, posts will weave these reflections together with Christine’s personal experience of the journey. To receive Lab | Log posts in your inbox, subscribe now.

About the BMW Guggenheim Lab

The BMW Guggenheim Lab is a combination think tank, public forum, and community center. Housed in a mobile structure designed by Tokyo architecture firm Atelier Bow-Wow, the BMW Guggenheim Lab launched on August 3 in New York. Curated by David van der Leer, Curator, and Maria Nicanor, Curator, the Lab offers a range of free programs organized around the theme Confronting Comfort that explore concepts and designs for city life. Over six years, the BMW Guggenheim Lab will travel to nine cities around the world in three successive cycles, each with its own theme and mobile structure. The BMW Guggenheim Lab will operate in Berlin from May 24 to July 29, 2012, followed by Mumbai in 2012–13.

About the BMW Guggenheim Lab Collaboration

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and the BMW Group co-initiated the BMW Guggenheim Lab in October 2010. Through this six-year, nine-city project, the Guggenheim and BMW are pioneering new approaches to the challenges faced by major cities around the world, collectively inspiring forward-looking concepts for urban life, and broadening the dialogue about the future of cities.

The collaboration with BMW enables the Guggenheim to advance its commitment to fostering creative thinking and promoting the understanding and appreciation of architecture, art, and other manifestations of visual culture. Through its on-site and online programming, the BMW Guggenheim Lab is empowering the public and thought leaders alike and engaging global audiences on a community level.

The collaboration with the Guggenheim is BMWʼs largest and most ambitious cultural commitment, raising the companyʼs more than forty-year history of involvement with important cultural initiatives worldwide to a new level. In addition to providing the financial resources that make the project possible, BMW brings its tested expertise in global initiatives, outreach, and technology to the project, while safeguarding the Guggenheimʼs curatorial freedom. It is BMWʼs conviction that such freedom is as essential for groundbreaking artistic work as it is for major innovations in a successful business.

About the BMW Guggenheim Lab Online

The website (, blog (, and online communities further extend the opportunity to participate in this multidisciplinary urban experiment worldwide. Visitors are invited to become members of the BMW Guggenheim Lab's dedicated social communities at: and #BGLab


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March 9, 2012

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