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Helmut Leder: What Is Beautiful?

This video contains footage of Helmut Leder's presentation during the "What Is Beautiful?" event. Leder discusses the question of why people prefer certain objects—why they perceive one or another as beautiful. This has led him to consider why one face is more attractive than another (one explanation links attraction to the absence of genetic flaws) and to probe why certain landscapes seem prettier (apparently, green generally is preferred to brown).

Director: Benjamin Kahlmeyer. DOP: Max v. Matthiessen. Sound: Niklas Olscha. Editor: Ramona Schopinski. Assistant Editor: Rebekka Meßner. Producer: Johannes v. Liebenstein. Film production: Lovestone Film. Music provided by: Mona Davis Beat.

© 2012 Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York

Date added: Jul 31

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