Wolfgang Welsch: What Is Beautiful?

This video presents the entirety of Wolfgang Welsch’s talk from the “What Is Beautiful?” event. Offering an alternative to the view that humans are separated from the natural world by their intellect and rationality—a view that he sees as the driving principle of the modern era—Welsch proposes that the natural world itself contains its own form of rationality: the rhythms inherent in natural and cultural environments.

Director: Benjamin Kahlmeyer. DOP: Max v. Matthiessen. Sound: Niklas Olscha. Editor: Ramona Schopinski. Assistant Editor: Rebekka Meßner. Producer: Johannes v. Liebenstein. Film production: Lovestone Film. Music provided by: Mona Davis Beat.

© 2012 Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York

Date added: Aug 27

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