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Is Shahar: Swarathma's Theme Song for the Mumbai Lab

Join us on a musical journey through Mumbai with Indian contemporary folk-rock band Swarathma. “Is Shahar” (“This City”) was written and recorded especially for the Lab and reflects Swarathma’s reactions to the themes the Lab is addressing in Mumbai.

The video was created by Lab Team member Héctor Zamora whose Mobile Lab Units art project brings together temporary off-site Lab structures with informal flash mobs and the Lab song. These interventions—which can be experienced in or around the Lab’s satellite locations—attempt to heighten awareness of the Lab’s presence and message of ME=WE, welcoming onlookers to participate in the festive events.

Is Shahar

Written by Puneet SharmaTranslated by Jishnu DasguptaMusic by Swarathma


Main me kya rakha hai ji,Main ko hum karo mil ke,Hum huye jo hum sab to,Taar tab judein dil ke

What’s in a “me”?Let’s make “me” a “we”For when “me” becomes “we”We sound like a symphony

Hum ka taranaGaaye zamana

The chorus of “we”Becomes everyone’s symphony

Chhoti chhoti boondo ne milke hi, is shahar ke seene me samandar banaya hai.Thoda thoda sabko baanta hai, is shahar ne zindgi bhar jo kamaya hai.

Main to akela hai sala,Hum hai bada matwala,Main ke mareezo se bolo,Hum ka piye ek pyala.

Little droplets have come together to make the ocean that is this cityThis city has given itself to everyone that has come by

“Me” stands all alone, the loser“We” is the man of the momentTell those suffering from the “me” virusTo take just a swig of the “we” juice

Maano jo shahar ye paheli hai, to hum is paheli ke karodo tukde hai ji.Hum jo milenge tabhi suljhegi, ek doosre se hum kaahe ukhdein hai ji.

This city is a giant jigsaw, and we’re the pieces of the puzzleThat comes together when we come together

Aao paheli ka jodein,Main ka ahankaar todein,Ban jaaye mumbai ke jaise,Mil jaaye gar thode thode.

So let’s all come together nowBreak the fake pride of “me”Become like Mumbai city nowIf only we take little steps now

Is shahar ki saansein hum,Is shahar ki aankhein hum,Is shahar ke honto pe,Khilkhilaati baatein hum.

We’re the eyes of this cityWe’re the breath of this cityWe’re the sweet words on the lips of this city

Date added: Dec 21

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