September 17, 2011

  1. Sep 17 at 10 am

    I Meditate NY: Urban Meditation Series

    I Meditate NY has created an urban meditation series for the BMW Guggenheim Lab to be held every Saturday at 10 am from August 6 until October 15. This series introduces meditation to empower participants to contemplate what “comfort” means to them. It provides a technique for examining the inner environment to enhance the outer environment. Sessions aim to challenge comfort zones and provide a tool to create sustainable comfort: comfort that comes from within and goes with you. Each session includes an introduction to meditation.

    An Archtober event

    Image: courtesy I Meditate NY

    To learn more about I Meditate NY visit:

  2. Sep 17 at 12 pm

    Bronx Grub Takes Manhattan

    Join the BLK ProjeK and executive director Tanya Fields to share food and ideas about food sovereignty and a more economically inclusive local food system. Participants will excite their palates with dishes representing the flavors of the Bronx prepared by local chefs and locally sourced from New York City’s community gardens and urban farms. Each table will offer not only a culinary treasure, but rousing conversation around the local. What is local? What does it look like, and who does it include? Facilitated by moderators who are doing the hands-on work of bringing an inclusive and just local food system to New York, this workshop will expand participants’ knowledge as well as their palate and offer possible alternatives to fix a broken food system.

    Event Video

    Image: courtesy The BLK ProjeK

  3. Sep 17 at 2:30 pm

    Urbanology Marathon with NYU Wagner

    Join us for an informal reception with incoming students from New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service to reflect on future goals relating to the transformation of urban life. The event will be led by Urbanology game facilitators Kate Dineen, Eric Henderson, and Steven Lenard, who will be joined by distinguished Wagner faculty Zhan Guo and Eduardo Moncada for a dialogue about urban issues and our individual potential to make change. NYU Wagner educates students to be socially minded future leaders of nonprofit organizations, government institutions, and private corporations in service of the public good.

    Photo: NYU Wagner
  4. Sep 17 at 6 pm

    Book Launch and Roundtable: Landform Building

    Join us for the launch of Landform Building: Architecture’s New Terrain, a book edited by Stan Allen and Marc McQuade, designed by Thumb and published by Lars Müller with the Princeton School of Architecture. Landform Building traces an alternative history of architecture understood as artificial landscape.

    Presentations by Lucia Allais, Nina Katchadourian, Geoff Manaugh, Eric Sanderson, and Alejandro Zaera-Polo will address the larger context of the book: the place of nature in the contemporary city, and the many ways in which the division of nature and culture is being remapped today.

    Image: courtesy Robert Miller Gallery, New York

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