August 12, 2011

  1. Aug 12 at 2 pm

    FeedForward 2: Co-opting Place

    Leaving from: BMW Guggenheim Lab
    Traveling to: Hunts Point
    Mode of transportation: subway/walking

    What if our cities shape us just as much as we shape them? We think that we hold dominion over our urban environments, but what if they have been co-opting us all along? Explore these questions while cataloguing our companion species and testing alternatives with members of a much broader community as creative consulting and design collaborative spurse leads a “city’s-eye view” tour through and around Hunts Point, the largest wholesale food market in the world, located in the Bronx.

    Photo: used by permission under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 License from Masahiro Ihara.


  2. Aug 12 at 7 pm

    Saskia Sassen: Talking back to your Intelligent City

    Saskia Sassen, Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology, Columbia University, questions notions of comfort and "cityness" in the global city of New York.

    Event Video

    Photo: courtesy Saskia Sassen

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