August 14, 2011

  1. Aug 14 at 12 pm

    The NY Leftover Bailout: Squatting time Sit-In

    Above:  Footage of the 1990's LES history

    Against the backdrop of Loisaida, a set of three short documentaries by Sebastián Gutierrez about the Lower East Side squatting movement to be screened throughout the day, the NY Leftover Bailout weekend continues by addressing the need for affordable housing and the presence of diverse social groups within cities. Join Jeanne van Heeswijk, Marcel van der Meijs, and activists from the Lower East Side for a sit-in to share squatting stories, strategies, and analysis of spaces for formal and informal social interaction.

    Among others, join Sebastián Gutierrez (filmmaker), Frank Morales (squatter, priest and housing activist), Hector Quintana (director, squatter), Paul Garin (art and media consultant), Marta Rosario and O4O (Organizing for Occupation) for this day-long event where rice and beans will be served in the afternoon by Adela's restaurant.

    12 pm
    Frank Morales (squatter, priest and housing activist)
    The Spirit of Occupation/Foundations to Squat

    1 pm   
    Marlis Momber (photographer) Viva Loisaida, A Portrait
    With live music

    Free Lunch from ADELA’S
    (Rice and Beans + Empanadas)

    2 pm   
    Paul Garin (Organizing for Occupation)
    Cyber Planning O4O’s Eviction Watch Network

    3 pm   
    Hector Quintana (squatter)
    Alphabet City Squatting Time 1990’s Footage

    4 pm   
    Sebastian Gutierrez (filmmaker)
    Documenting the other Lower East Side – Loisaidatv

    Image: courtesy Alphabet City Squatting Time by Hector Quintana

  2. Aug 14 at 6 pm

    Screening: Charlie Ahearn Hip-Hop Short Films

    Charlie Ahearn, director of the now-classic hip-hop film Wild Style (1982) and documentary portrait Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer (2011), will present a selection of musical shorts created over the past five years. These works include collaborations with hip-hop pioneers such as Grandmaster Caz and young groups like Nine 11 Thesaurus and take the viewer on a musical ride to Berlin, Baltimore, Las Vegas, and across New York.

    6 pm open seating
    6:15 pm screening

    Image: courtesy Jane Dickson


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