September 10, 2011

  1. Sep 10 at 10 am

    First Street Green Day

    Left: Data sculpture; right: Public Notice: An Exhausted Film

    The lot at First Park, a New York City Parks property, now temporarily occupied by the main structure of the BMW Guggenheim Lab, has been derelict for many years but has the potential to become a vibrant community resource. What will happen after the Lab leaves? Join First Street Green for the What’s Next 2 workshop to help decide.

    Event Video

    10 am
    Meet and greet with volunteers and participants

    11 am–1 pm
    History of First Park and the 33 East First Street Site by Robert Graf, First Street Block Association President

    Future of the 33 East First Street Site by Jorge Prado and Silva Ajemian of Todo Design

    Art in the Parks by Department of Art and Antiquities, New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

    It’s My Park by Annie Fredricks, Hester Street Collaborative, and Jordan Pender, Partnership for Parks

    Space as a Making Place for Questions by Graeme Sullivan, Director, School of Visual Arts, The Pennsylvania State University

    2–5 pm
    It’s My Park—videos by Adrian Sas, producer

    Visioning Wall Workshop—participants assemble a modular inspiration/idea sculpture to chart community programmatic interests

    Community Survey and Balloon Run—small groups of local volunteers, videographers, and artists canvas the neighborhood and invite participation in the programming workshop at the Lab

    5–7 pm
    Reception with refreshments, music, and presentation of the completed visioning wall

    7–9 pm
    Public Notice: An Exhausted Film, a live-cinema performance by Ofri Cnaani, Cheryl Kaplan, and Kathryn Alexander. Powered by a failing battery, Public Notice is an episodic tale that begins with a mock trial. The work, combining folly, tragedy, and history, travels peripatetically through urban and peripheral landscapes and international borders, and ends when the battery runs out of power.

    Image (left): © Todo Design, 2011. All rights reserved.

    Image (right): courtesy Ofri Cnaani and Cheryl Kaplan, © Ofri Cnaani and Cheryl Kaplan, 2011. All rights reserved.

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