September 7, 2011

  1. Sep 7 at 1 pm

    Comfort: Visual Systems

    Conventional definitions of comfort as an individual measure are being upended by the unseen risks in the shared systems that our social and personal comfort-ability depends upon. VisionArc director, Landon Brown, will present a talk and open workshop to examine the interface between visual language and the shared systems of day-to-day life in the city. The visual language of formal systems will be used as a stepping off point. From there the workshop will open to discuss ways in which the repurposing of familiar parts of the city's social, infrastructural and commercial landscape might offer a glimpse into future solutions for confronting shared risk at the urban scale.      

    Image: courtesy VisionArc

  2. Sep 7 at 3 pm

    Feedback 6: In the Thick of a New Paradigm

    “Environmental justice” imagines that a healthy and equitable environment is an essential right for all humans, but is it also a right for nonhumans? Coming to terms with this difficult question brings us closer to a new model of politics that is as dynamic as our environments. In a good game of sideways thinking, creative consulting and design collaborative spurse will speculate on the urgency of a new paradigm that gets at who we are and, more strikingly, how we are of the environment, not simply in it.

     Photo: courtesy spurse
  3. Sep 7 at 6 pm

    Screening: The Garden

    Located in the heart of South Central Los Angeles, a lush 14-acre community garden (the largest urban farm in the United States) began as a form of healing after the devastating riots in 1992. Led by South Central farmers, it grew into an oasis where an economically depressed community could grow its own food and foster a sense of belonging. But when the owner of the land, a wealthy developer, decides to sell, the mostly Latin American farmers must organize and confront City Hall. Scott Hamilton Kennedy’s Academy Award–nominated documentary exposes the ensuing struggle, revealing the fault lines in American society and raising questions about equality and justice for the poorest and most vulnerable among us.

    Filmmaker Q&A will follow screening

    6 pm open seating
    6:15 pm screening

    Image: by and courtesy  Don Normark/Black Valley Films
    Text: courtesy Oscilloscope Laboratories



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