January 13, 2013

  1. Jan 13 at 3 pm

    Your Space, My Space, or Our Public Space: PUKAR-BMW Guggenheim Lab Collaboration

    Join PUKAR as they present a few illuminating stories, maps and data from the BGL-PUKAR collaboration investigating the topic of privacy and public space in the city and learn more about their important work in the city.

  2. Jan 13 at 3:30 pm

    Testing, Testing! Mumbai

    What effect does the city have on your brain and physiology? Colin Ellard gathers evidence about the psychological effects of public spaces. Join Ellard on this tour, measure Mumbai’s effects on your own brain and body, and be part of this international experiment.

  3. Jan 13 at 5 pm

    Me=We Memorandum

    To conclude the six-week Meet in the Middle series, join us as we frame a collaborative manifesto to improve life for all Mumbai residents.

  4. Jan 13 at 5 pm

    Mapping Privacy in Public Spaces

    Where do people find or create private, personal space (outside of domestic space, that is) in a city as dense as Mumbai? Join the Lab in an ongoing series facilitated by the KRVIA Design Cell as we ask visitors to participate in visually mapping these physical locations by using geo-tagged cameras out in the city, creating mental maps, and analyzing the results.

  5. Jan 13 at 5 pm

    Privacy, Please

    Where does one go to question public and private space within the city? Join Tobias Megerle and Studio X in a structure created for the BMW Guggenheim Lab on public/private space.
  6. Jan 13 at 6 pm

    Maazhi Maach (Our Fish!)

    Learn about the Koli struggle firsthand and discuss solutions, while immersing yourself in the rich Koli culture in this evening of singing, storytelling, dancing, sharing, and of course, eating.

  7. Jan 13 at 8 pm

    Mumbai Lab Highlights

    Join for an evening of concluding thoughts, impressions, and highlights from the Lab's run in Mumbai from the Lab’s internal team, including the curator, Lab Team, and programs/project collaborators. Come share your own thoughts about what has made the Lab in Mumbai unique.

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