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Beyond Segrification: Models for Equal Glocalization

Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 1–2 pm



Walk-up admission will be available but please RSVP to guarantee entry

Portrait of Elma van Boxel and Kristian Koreman

Despite a general awareness of inequality, it seems that current urban policies, planning instruments, and spatial production are still increasing the gap between the rich and the poor. If we look, for instance, at housing in Manhattan, we see that despite rent control the borough is slowly becoming unaffordable to many and locals are being pushed out. What are the main factors contributing to this unsustainable development? How can we reconcile global initiatives with local interests? Join Lab Team members Elma van Boxel and Kristian Koreman of ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles] as they discuss “segrification” and “glocalization”—the focus of the Lab’s research, workshops, talks, and tours in the week ahead as we develop new models for equal glocalization.

Neo-Globalism: An Introduction to Week 3 at the Lab by ZUS

Image: courtesy ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]


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