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The NY Leftover Bailout: Loisaida, Documentaries by Sebastián Gutierrez

Sunday, August 14, 2011, 12–5 pm

Special Event

Still from Loisaida

Documenting the other Lower East Side, Loisaida, a series of three short documentaries by Sebastián Gutierrez, reveal four of the faces of the squatting movement in New York – freedom fighters who had occupied empty and neglected properties in order to recover buildings and abandoned neighborhoods. Each piece focuses on an individual Lower East Side squatter, documenting their personal motivations, dreams, and nightmares against the backdrop of their political statement and social desires. In doing so, Gutierrez’s films unveil an alternative to the conventional housing system in New York. These three films will be screened at the Lab throughout the afternoon in conjunction with the Squatting time Sit-In.

Photo: courtesy Sebastián  Gutierrez

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