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The Sound Sweep, Part 1: A Variety Show Dedicated to Sound

Saturday, October 1, 2011, 7–9 pm

Special Event, Featured

Sound Sweep poster

Join us for a variety show dedicated to the sounds of New

York, organized by Audio Visual Arts (AVA) and comedian Greg Barris. Acoustic experts and sound artists will collaborate with comedians to explore the beauty, danger, and potential of the New York soundscape, addressing issues of noise pollution, noise prevention, sonic comfort levels, and quiet zones along the way. There will be sonic demonstrations. There will be audience participation. There will be music, and there will be laughs.  

Presented by Audio Visual Arts

Host: Greg Barris
Comedian: Reggie Watts
Ethnomusicologist: Alexandre Tannous
Comedian: Todd Barry
Author/sonic expert: George Prochnik
Music by Forgiveness
Image: courtesy Justin Luke

Videos from the Event:

George Prochnik at the Sound Sweep

Alexandre Tannous at the Sound Sweep

Reggie Watts at the Sound Sweep 

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