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Urban by Nature with Vincent Appel, Everett Hollander, and Guests

Sunday, October 2, 2011, 1–4 pm


Snapshots illustrating ideas in urban design

The term “urbanism” typically calls to mind the material condition of our built metropolitan environments. However, Vincent Appel and Everett Hollander, two young urbanists and architects, have started to identify a group of developing practices that exceed the limits of typical urban nomenclature but which are purely urban in nature nevertheless. In an afternoon conversation, Appel and Hollander introduce and ask PlayLab, Public Workshop, Tattfoo, and Marion Wilson to engage the public to help define the notion of "urbanism" as a creative process. Join them for a series of workshops and help redefine our evolving definition of urbanism from those who are actively realizing alternative ambitions for our urban environment through play, crowd sourcing, emergence, collective intelligence, and extradisciplinarity.

Image: courtesy Vincent Appel

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