December 17, 2012

  1. Dec 17 at 3 pm

    Mapping Privacy in Public Spaces

    Where do people find or create private, personal space (outside of domestic space, that is) in a city as dense as Mumbai? Join the Lab in an ongoing series facilitated by the KRVIA Design Cell as we ask visitors to participate in visually mapping these physical locations by using geo-tagged cameras out in the city, creating mental maps, and analyzing the results.

  2. Dec 17 at 3:30 pm

    Testing, Testing! Mumbai

    What effect does the city have on your brain and physiology? Colin Ellard gathers evidence about the psychological effects of public spaces. Join Ellard on this tour, measure Mumbai’s effects on your own brain and body, and be part of this international experiment.

  3. Dec 17 at 5 pm

    Mediating Public–Private Transportation

    Mumbai’s trains are overflowing and its roads are jammed. In this panel discussion, we will explore how to balance the need for more public transport with the demands of those driving private vehicles.

  4. Dec 17 at 5 pm

    Mumbai 2050: An Origami Vision

    The Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum invites children age 10 and above to participate in a series of urban design workshops to build their ideal city of Mumbai with origami creations.

  5. Dec 17 at 5 pm

    Your Place, My Place, or Our Public Space? Privacy and Spaces in Mumbai Survey

    How do you think about privacy in relation to yourself, your friends and family, and your communities? PUKAR, in collaboration with the Lab, has been exploring these questions throughout Mumbai. Visit the Lab, join this research initiative, and share your own ideas about privacy.

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