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Neighborhood Stories with Justin Vivian Bond and Neighborhood Guests

Saturday, September 24, 2011, 7–9 pm

Talk, Good for Families

A woman climbing a fire escape

Whether you have been a long-time resident of the East Village or Lower East Side, or are simply a temporary passerby feeling at home here, join us for an evening of storytelling based on your neighborhood experiences, hosted by local Mx Justin Vivian Bond. Described by the New Yorker as “the greatest cabaret artist of [v’s] generation,” Bond is known for v’s great voice and buoyant sense of humor. Come and share your neighborhood dreams, nightmares, histories, joys, and sorrows with Justin Vivian, and neighborhood guests including Laurie Weeks, author of ‘Zippermouth,’ singer Little Annie, artist Kembra Pfahler best known as The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black.

Photo: by Amos Mac

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