Meet in the Middle

This series of events brings together public and private stakeholders, from grassroots thinkers to city officials. Conversations, panel discussions and offsite visits will address and connect six themes: transportation, space, housing, environment, investment, and participatory urban planning.

  1. Sunday, December 9

  2. Dec 9 at 3 pm

    Split City Mumbai: Time Scarcity, Space Scarcity

    Mumbai is a city of vast divides, where the quality of services depends on where you live. In this panel discussion, join us as we examine Mumbai’s conditions.

  3. Monday, December 10

  4. Dec 10 at 5 pm

    Comfortably Sustainable

    Even a casual visitor can see that Mumbai’s public utilities are overstretched. How can private entities and public organizations work together to make Mumbai more comfortable and sustainable? Join us to discuss collaborative approaches to problem-solving.

  5. Sunday, December 16

  6. Dec 16 at 3 pm

    Heart of Mumbai Workshop: Bridging the Infrastructure

    Join this hands-on workshop led by practitioners in the field, and explore new ways to connect transport, water, and housing infrastructure. We’ll use maps and models to investigate how best to bridge the gap between informal settlements and other areas in Mumbai.

  7. Monday, December 17

  8. Dec 17 at 5 pm

    Mediating Public–Private Transportation

    Mumbai’s trains are overflowing and its roads are jammed. In this panel discussion, we will explore how to balance the need for more public transport with the demands of those driving private vehicles.

  9. Friday, December 21

  10. Dec 21 at 3 pm

    Mediating Public–Private Housing

    Fifty-two percent of Mumbai’s residents live in slums, yet the city has recently seen the construction of its first gated communities. Join this event to discuss how Mumbai can hold on to its celebrated dynamism in the face of this segregation.

  11. Friday, December 28

  12. Dec 28 at 5 pm

    Participatory Planning

    The Municipal Corporation is now preparing Mumbai’s next development plan, scheduled to run from 2014–2034. Join this panel discussion on the citizen’s role in government development and participatory planning in Mumbai.

  13. Friday, January 4

  14. Jan 4 at 6 pm

    Rethinking Skywalks and Sealinks

    Mumbai’s thirty-six skywalks have been the subject of heated debate. This session explores the qualitative potential of the Lab’s proposed networks of landlinks and skyrides, and critically examines how investments in transport through car-oriented sealinks and pedestrian-oriented landlinks/skyrides could be made for Mumbai’s future.

  15. Sunday, January 6

  16. Jan 6 at 3 pm

    Mediating Public-Private Investment

    How do we incentivize public-private partnerships that operate across different social scales? Join this session to discuss how Mumbai’s public agencies can attract investors while serving the needs of residents.

  17. Monday, January 7

  18. Jan 7 at 5 pm

    Planning in a Dynamic City

    While the Mumbai Municipal Corporation works toward framing its twenty-year development plan in 2014, experts explain their vision of collaborative planning for Mumbai and how it can be achieved.

  19. Sunday, January 13

  20. Jan 13 at 5 pm

    Me=We Memorandum

    To conclude the six-week Meet in the Middle series, join us as we frame a collaborative manifesto to improve life for all Mumbai residents.

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