In this series of events, the Lab invites the public to adorn the Lab site each week using traditional and contemporary Indian artistry and craft.

  1. Thursday, December 13

  2. Dec 13 at 3 pm


    India’s rich tradition of floral adornment makes it one of the world’s largest markets for flower consumption. Learn the delicate craft of floristry from local experts, and decorate the Lab with your own handmade creations.

  3. Thursday, December 20

  4. Dec 20 at 3 pm

    Lighting the City

    Mumbai is famous for its celebration of light, but how can light be used to make the streets safer? Learn the fascinating history of street lighting in the city and participate in a workshop to learn the dazzling art of kandil making.

  5. Thursday, December 27

  6. Dec 27 at 3 pm


    The floor-decorating practice of rangoli is an art form steeped in tradition—experience this ritual on a grand scale as artists from around India face off in a competition. Help them complete their masterpieces and then choose the top designs.

  7. Thursday, January 3

  8. Jan 3 at 3 pm

    Kite Festival

    Lifestyle changes and Mumbai’s lack of large spaces mean that kite flying and its annual festival are struggling to stay in the air. How do such public festivals fit into Mumbai’s agenda? Join an open dialogue and hands-on kite-making workshop.

  9. Thursday, January 10

  10. Jan 10 at 3 pm

    Painting (Bollywood Art)

    The painted movie posters that have long been used to advertise Bollywood films have been rapidly replaced by modern printing techniques. Experience a live demonstration from one of Mumbai’s remaining Bollywood artists.

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