Film Series

In this film series, the Lab offer classic and contemporary Bollywood favorites, documentaries, animation, and experimental works paired with related discussions about topics such as the search for individual space in an intense-urban environment.

  1. Friday, December 14

  2. Dec 14 at 6 pm

    Kaali Salwar (Fareeda Mehta, India, 2002, 120 min.)

    Join us for a screening of Kaali Salwar (2002) followed by a discussion with the film’s director Fareeda Mehta and special guest Ramu Ramanathan.

  3. Sunday, December 16

  4. Dec 16 at 6 pm

    In Transience (2012), Presence (2012), Printed Rainbow (2006)

    Can fantasy obscure and subvert the sharp distinction between the private and the public in a city? Join us for three short films exploring this question: In Transience (Yashaswini R., Ekta Mittal, India, 2012, 27 min.), Presence (Yashaswini R., Ekta Mittal, India, 2012, 18 min.), and Printed Rainbow (Gitanjal Rao, India, 2006, 15 min.). 

  5. Saturday, December 22

  6. Dec 22 at 6 pm

    Limited Manuski (Limited Humanity) (Jayu Patwardhan, India, 1995, 65 min.)

    How and when does the public encroach on, or even threaten, the private? In Limited Manuski (Limited Humanity), the predictable, safe world of a middle-class couple is shaken when the husband collides with a funeral procession.

  7. Thursday, December 27

  8. Dec 27 at 6 pm

    Bombay, Our City (Anand Patwardhan, India, 1985, 75 min.)

    Join us for a screening of the iconic 1985 film, Bombay, Our City, followed by a discussion between the filmmakers Faiza Khan and Anand Patwardhan.

  9. Saturday, December 29

  10. Dec 29 at 6 pm

    Sankat City (Pankaj Advani, India, 2009, 120 min.)

    From acclaimed director Pankaj Advani, Sankat City (2009) is a witty, dark comedy that unfolds as a series of eccentric people from across Mumbai encounter one another.

  11. Sunday, December 30

  12. Dec 30 at 7 pm

    Mera Apna Sheher (My Own City) (Sameera Jain, India, 2011, 70 min.)

    What role does gender play in public space? Mera Apna Sheher (My Own City) (2011) depicts the city as a contested terrain caught between belonging and alienation.

  13. Friday, January 4

  14. Jan 4 at 6 pm

    Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai? (What Angers Albert Pinto?) (Saeed Mirza, India, 1980, 110 min.)

    Explore the daily struggles of the working class in the classic film Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai (1980). The film will be followed by a presentation by one of India’s most acclaimed theater directors and producers, Sunil Shanbag.

  15. Sunday, January 6

  16. Jan 6 at 6:30 pm

    Tunnu Ki Tina (India, 1997, 131 min.)

    Tunnu Ki Tina (1997) traces the path of Tunnu, a young man born in a middle-class family who dreams of a better life. Filmmaker Paresh Kamdar joins us for a discussion following the screening.

  17. Friday, January 11

  18. Jan 11 at 7 pm

    Invoking Justice (Deepa Dhanraj, India, 2011, 86 min.)

    View the powerful documentary Invoking Justice (2011), which sheds light on an all-woman’s Jamaat (council) that was formed to uphold a new standard of justice for women.

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